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Lankan Filling Station

Here’s to the end of the third year of med school! After some really rather gruelling times, I’ve finished (and hopefully passed!) all my exams, and am keen on making the most of my 9 days off before having to head right back into the thick of it. Sometimes it feels like it just never ends, but I guess I’ve made my bed now so I may as well enjoy it! Like every other even remotely important occasion in my life, this was the perfect excuse for me to splash out on dinner at a restaurant I’ve been eyeing up. This time around I had my mind set on Lankan Filling Station, the one-hatted, somewhat modern taken on Sri Lankan…

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Sheni’s Curries

Want a spicy curry? Sheni’s Curries delivers. Too often, when curries promise to be ‘three chillies’, they end up barely tingling my tastebuds. Not Sheni’s. Everything here is burn-your-pants-off spicy unless otherwise specified. The principle here is simple. Go up to the counter, choose one of the combos (regular, vegetarian, or one of two daily specials), give them 10 dollars, get your change, and your food will be dished out. Say yes to extra chilli on the side if you enjoy stomach-achingly spicy food, and dig in! The curries change from day to day, so you never know what you’re going to get.

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