Lord Of The Fries

2-26 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, 3000
Nuggets And Chips ($5.20)
‘Let’s have vegetarian tonight’
And that is how me and Chris ended up munching our way through 2 boxes of deep-fried goodness. The original plan was to take them down to Southbank and eat it there but then it started raining. Hard. So we ended up in the Melbourne Central food court instead. Not as romantic but deep fried food rarely is.
We picked up one of each of their ‘munch boxes’. The first one we had was Nuggets and Chips Munch Box ($5.20). Now due to the fact that Lord of the Fries is entirely vegetarian, the nuggets were naturally not made of chicken. I personally had no idea what they were but I assume they were some kind of soy-based substitute, a little chewy and not too far from actual chicken. They were deep-fried to a golden crunch, and almost tasted a little like THAT evil chicken franchise, but much, MUCH less greasy. It was nice to see that the chips still had their skin on, though it was unfortunate that they were on the colder, soggier side. But at least they tasted like potatoes and not… not potatoes.
Onion Rings And Chips ($4.20) with Parisian Sauce ($0.75)
The other thing we ordered was the Onion Rings And Chips Munch Box ($4.20). This time we ordered the chips with Parisian Sauce ($0.75), which was really just a fancy name for garlic aioli. The onion rings were nice and flavoursome, and there were actual rings of onion encased inside the batter (which coincidentally seemed to be the same batter coating the non-nuggets). The fries were exactly the same as what was in the previous box but this time it was covered in the sauce, which was neither the best, nor the worst aioli I’ve had (though I do recall a FANTASTIC peanut satay sauce I had on another occasion). I would’ve preferred to have the sauce on the side but, I guess that’s just not how they do it. Oh well, no biggie.
It wasn’t until about halfway through that I noticed just how damn salty everything was! Sure, it was nice, but it does leave your throat parched after a while. Not to mention that about an hour later, I started to feel a little ill from all the grease. Serves me right for having an all-deep-fried dinner.
Rating: 12/20 – don’t skip on the sauce

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