Rose Garden BBQ

435 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, 3000

Ignorance is bliss, so forget everything you’ve ever heard about Rose Garden BBQ. Forget rumours of queues out the door (true), forget whispers of grotty floors and zero décor (also true), and forget tales of sharing a two person sized table with 3 other strangers (also unfortunately true). Instead, remember what Rose Garden BBQ does the best – delicious, fast food at low low prices.
Cripsy Skin Pork Omelette on Rice ($9.5)
I would still be trying to pick what I want from the extensive menu if it weren’t for their ‘top 10’ list of dishes to order, which led us to the Crispy Skin Pork Omelette on Rice ($9.50) – number 4 on the list. What arrived on our table looked bad enough to be called ‘chef’s surprise’, a huge indiscernible lump covered in gravy. And what a delicious indiscernible lump it was! Under the egg omelette and sauce (great for mopping up excess rice and adding extra calories) lay chunks of juicy roast pork, all of the pieces covered in glorious crackling, which stayed miraculously crunchy until the very end.
Wonton Soup ($4.5)
The Wonton Soup ($4.5) left a little more to be desired in the flavour department, but kudos to Rose Garden for not using (much?) MSG in the soup, which meant I wasn’t left reaching for my water bottle after drinking it.
This definitely isn’t the sort of place you bring a first date to; in fact, I wouldn’t even recommend brining a not-so-close friend here, considering how close you’ll have to sit. But getting a couple of dishes for take away (50c surcharge for each box) and surprising your sweetheart will definitely earn you brownie points.
Rating: 14.5/20 – take-away
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