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Moonee Ponds


Most of you probably don’t know this, but I haven’t been on holiday since my last year of university. After all, in those last three (THREE!!!) years, I’ve had an awful lot to do – my pharmacy internship, registration exams, adjusting to being a pharmacist, and doing further study. As a result, it was only so surprising when I found myself going starting to go stir-crazy somewhere around April this year. Lucky for me, I have a holiday booked for July, so I only have to stay sane for one more month. So where am I going? I’m headed to Korea for about 10 days, followed by another few days in Hong Kong, where I’ll have the privilege of attending…

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Shebelle Ethiopian Restaurant

If we’re talking overlooked and underrated cuisines, Ethiopian food would be at the top of my list. Speaking as someone who was born in the East, and grew up in the West, the unfamiliar and exotic spices of African cuisine offers up endless intrigue. And although hardly advertised, there is a veritable plethora of African eateries in Melbourne, especially towards the west end of town. Shebelle Ethiopian Restaurant has recently relocated from Footscray over to right by Moonee Ponds station. This family-run establishment was sparse but warm, where most diners are regulars greeted by name, and patrons offered free tea or coffee as they waited for their take-away.

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Khao San Road

A long day at work calls for Thai food. And either Melbourne is getting better at making the perfect pad grapow, or my standards are getting lower. But I find that I don’t mind either way, as long as my Thai craving is satisfied. And today, my stomach has taken us to Khao San Road, a restaurant named after a street in Bangkok that was formerly a major rice market, but has since developed into what Wikipedia calls a ‘world-famous backpacker ghetto’.

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Chiba Japanese

Ever since I stopped going to school/uni/work in the CBD, my Japanese food consumption has dropped massively. Although there’s plenty of Japanese food around, it’s just not the same as dropping into DonDon for a $5.9 tofu curry after work. On the up side though, I get way more excited when the chance to have Japanese pops up, especially when it’s at Chiba Japanese – a well-regarded restaurant that I’ve never visited because of its location... until now! Despite being located in a quiet little back street off the main Mt Alexander Road strip, Chiba felt almost like a fancy hotel restaurant – all dark wood, plush banquet chairs, and high ceilings. I was surprised at how nice it is,…

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Garden Tuscany

I could not believe my eyes. I was walking down a quiet Melbourne laneway paved with cobblestones, but then we ducked through a sliding wooden door, and all of a sudden I was possibly no longer in Melbourne, and almost definitely no longer in 2013. Being in Garden Tuscany was like stepping into a fairy tale. It was an indoor garden that spoke of bygone civilisations with its brick floors and rough-hewn stone walls. Piles of firewood were stacked in the corners, and the walls were adorned with carvings and oil lamps. There was even a huge wood fire oven in the corner that was actually used to make pizza.

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