Ume Burger

33 Barangaroo Ave
Barangaroo, NSW 2000

A good burger is good, but a good burger that has stood the test of time is far more impressive. Ume Burger started as an occasional special found at the now-closed Bar Ume, but is now a destination in its own right. Stop by, grab a glass of umeshu, and enjoy the Barangaroo views whilst you chow down on one of several Japanese-inspired burgers.

Rating: 13/20 – solid.
Don’t miss: ebi burger. and a side of spicy cod roe mayo.

Ume Burger ($15.9)

The Ume Burger ($15.9) is, naturally, the go-to. And for something so small, it sure packs a punch. The double whammy of mayo and wagyu mince sauce – heavy on the miso – threatens excessive richness. Thanks to its compact size however, it ends up more indulgent than excessive, even taking into account the ooze of cheese and the sweetness of brioche.

Ebi Burger ($16.5)

Ebi Burger ($16.5)

The Ebi Burger ($16.5) is a limited item, and I would absolutely recommend getting it if it’s around. The crunchy patty hides a delicate centre of minced prawn, held together by a barely-there batter that leaves the sweetness of the seafood intact. Topped with a finely shredded slaw and a rambunctious combination of spicy mayo and sweet tonkatsu sauce, this burger is an MVP for sure.

Onion Rings ($9)/Strawberry Vanilla Soda ($6)

The Onion Rings ($9) are also a good bet, the sweet bits of onion encased in a light, crisp batter. If you want to live your best life however, get a side of the Spicy Cod Roe Mayo ($3). You bet I took the remainder home and ate it with a spoon.

Umeshu Spritz ($8)/Yuzu Spritz ($8)/Renkon Chips ($6.2)

If you’re not after a full meal, Ume Burger is also a great place for a snack and a drink. The happy hour Umeshu Spritz ($8) and Yuzu Spritz ($8) are refreshing ways to get your jolly on, and there are also sakes, beers, and other liqueurs for more serious drinkers. Better still, try their house-made sodas. The Strawberry Vanilla Soda ($6) is like a fizzy drink, smoothie, and juice all in one, and absolutely dreamy for it. Don’t forget a pack of the house-made Renkon Chips ($6.2) to go with your sips!

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