Calamari and Spicy Fish Roe Udon ($14.8)


This post is proudly brought to you by two of my coworkers, Lily and Andy. They’re both fans of Kumo Izakaya; Lily for the pescatarian-friendly food, and Andy for the Japanese beers on tap. Backed with these two glowing recommendations, Kumo received the honour of being the last restaurant I visit before I head off on my two-week Asia sojourn. Usually known for being extremely [...]
Mixed Gyros ($24)


Australia may have one of the oldest cultures in the world, but modern Australia is a relative baby of a country, still working on its traditions and identity. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being somewhat of a blank slate meant that over its lifetime, it has picked up bits and pieces from cultures all around the globe, thanks to the vibrant community built [...]
Fried Tenders with Chips ($14.5)


If I were to be entirely honest, I would say that I’m not the most honest person around (no, really!). As awful as that may sound, I just don’t think that it’s almost ever that black and white. And if you ask me, F.A.T Fried and Tasty could really afford to be a little less honest. The business at F.A.T is all pretty self-explanatory, really. [...]
Cigara bi Lahem ($13.5)


I like Lygon Street... as long as it’s not Lygon Street. Though I’m sure there are also some good restaurants there, I just can’t get the smell of tourist trap out of my nostrils. Go a bit further north however, you’ll find the cosy and eclectic Teta Mona, with the black and white photo of Grandma Mona herself on the window, promising to fill your [...]
Red Chicken Curry ($14.9)


I like relaxing on Friday nights with a good meal, but that’s often complicated by the need to blog said meal. And that’s why I find myself foregoing the fancy Friday night date more and more, in lieu of a simple and companionable dinner. The multi-course tapas blog post can wait for when I’m a little more awake. Though my love for authentic Thai food [...]


There’s nothing like a restaurant that makes a Monday feel like a Friday. It could be the crepe paper banners and candles burning in alcoves, or it could be the beer garden and music that makes you want to shake your hips (Mexican remix of Oasis, anybody?). No matter how you look at it, Los Hermanos Mexican Taqueria is a place for a party. Though [...]