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One of the best sushi experiences I’ve ever had was at a 100 yen sushi train in Japan, down the road from the hotel we stayed at in the Shibuya. It wasn’t so much that the sushi was wildly inventive or unique – in fact it was far from it, as what each pair of nigiri amounted to was a slice of fish, draped over a nugget of rice with a daub of wasabi. What made the meal memorable was the amount of care the chefs so clearly placed into each morsel, and the absolute freshness of the seafood. As I sat in the small, cramped, and utilitarian space under an old apartment block, I was simply astounded by the…

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Light Years

After almost 5 years of loyal service, my ever-faithful camera appears to have finally hit its last legs. It had been coughing and sputtering on me increasingly often in the last year or so, but it took a false alarm a few weeks back for me to seriously start looking into a replacement. So long story short, I’ve now got a newer and fancier camera, courtesy of my camera dealer, K. However that also means that while I’m still trying to work out the best lens and settings to use, everyone will just have to bear with some subpar photos – you have been warned!

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Has anyone ever heard of the podcast Stuff You Should Know? I stumbled upon it about 5 years ago, and have been an avid listener since. Well anyway, recently they did an episode on How BBQ Works, and although I had been planning to go to Dexter for a long time already, that was the nudge I needed to finally get me there. With that said though, Dexter is far from the usual American BBQ joint. In fact, their restaurant website actually specifically advertises themselves to be non-traditional. Certainly, the place is a far cry from the brooding, masculine spaces you often associate with a carnivorous meal. There were skylights and greenery aplenty, and was a perfect fit for an…

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For the longest time, my go-to place for good gelato is Gelato Messina. Between their 40-odd flavours and half a dozen decadent specials that rotate on a weekly basis, I saw no need to ever go anywhere else. But after a few people have told me that Pidapipo is even better than Messina, there was nothing for it but to try it out. Having previously walked past and seen the ridiculous queues, I had deliberately chosen a cold, rainy night to visit and sure enough, there was no wait to endure. With that said though, the small gelateria still benefited from a steady stream of customers; enough to make any other place jealous for sure.

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Well it took almost a whole three years, but I finally made it – Attica. We braved the vicious three-months-in-advance booking system – multiple times – and finally landed the prime spot of 6pm on a Saturday night. If you didn’t know about Attica – best restaurant in Australia, and 32nd in the world – you’d be roundly excused for not thinking very much of it at all. Located in the sleepy Melbourne suburb of Ripponlea behind a nondescript brick facade, Attica looks very much like a local bistro.

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There’s nothing that perks me up quite like a good meal at a wine/tapas bar. The cosy venue, sophisticated and indulgent atmosphere, and parade of small but exquisitely designed dishes (and maybe a drink or two!) never fails to put me in a good mood. And for the longest time, my go-to spot has been MoVida Next Door. Of course, I knew about Embla – who doesn’t? It’s only the Age Good Food Guide’s best new restaurant of 2016 – but I’ve never quite mustered myself up for the visit, despite having almost-went several times.

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