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Home Thai

I snuck off to Sydney for some serious business last week, and of course, with serious business comes serious eating. I’ve long come to accept the fact that Thai food (and maybe even Asian food in general) in Sydney is superior to what’s available in Melbourne, and although it will never cease to upset me at least a little, it also gives me an extra reason to be excited when flying interstate. Spread out over 3 levels (well, more of 2.5 levels – you’ll need to see it for it to make sense), Home Thai is one of the most popular and highly-rated Thai restaurants in Sydney, and so there were predictably half a dozen tables ahead of us when…

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Gelato Messina

‘The gelato was so good that I cried.’ I don’t remember the last time I’ve received a recommendation that glowing, but after two friends who came back from Sydney babbling like religious converts, as well as the influx of sunshine, I decided it was high time for me to visit the gelataria that makes what has been voted Australia’s best gelato – Gelato Messina. This isn’t actually my first experience with Gelato Messina. The first run-in occurred at the Night Noodle Markets, where I had a peanut and coconut sundae, and was immediately enchanted. And 10 minutes later I had penned in a visit to the newly opened store in Fitzroy, to be visited as soon as humanely possible.

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