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I admit it – Buzzfeed is a guilty pleasure of mine. I just find their listicles to be perfect bite-sized pieces of entertainment; kind of like Maltesers – once you pop, you can’t stop! And one section I’m especially fond of aside from the quizzes – this magical test will give you your food patronus! – is the food section. It is positively a buffet of recipes, lists, and yes, food-related quizzes! One food that’s come up repeatedly on Buzzfeed is poké – a traditional Hawaiian dish of raw and seasoned seafood, chopped into bite-sized pieces and usually served on rice. Unfortunately I didn’t know a single place in Melbourne where I could give this dish a try... until the…

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Yong Green Food

Yong Green Food, along with places like Vegie Bar and Lentil As Anything, are amongst the oldest, and most stalwart of vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. They were around back when it wasn’t yet fashionable to eat gluten-free and plant-based, and remain popular to this day. And with a rating of 4.3/5 on Zomato (beating out the amazing Smith and Daughters!), it was about time I went to see what the fuss was.

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I had never realised just how many vegetarian/vegan food blogs there were around Melbourne, until I looked up reviews for Supercharger. Personally I’m alright with vegetarian, but vegan food usually makes my canines cringe a little (with the exception of Smith and Daughters). But after going out for dinner 5 days in a row, Supercharger seemed like a much-needed detox. Although Supercharger is in a food court, like most of the eateries in Emporium, they are also a restaurant in their own right, and deserve a legitimate review. The premise behind Supercharger is simple – plant-based and nutrient-rich foods that are also ethically sourced.

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Shakahari Vegetarian

While Ming is slaving away at work like usual, I, Chris, have a convenient 3 weeks of holidays before starting a new job. Perfect time for a guest post if you ask me! I love lasagne. Ever since eating it at home as a child, I’ve always found myself irresistibly drawn to it any time I see it on a menu. It doesn’t even need to be a traditional Italian lasagne – so long as it has the trademark layers of pasta and cheese (or cheese substitute) with some kind of saucy goodness inside, I’m sold, so even vegetarian lasagnes – such as Shakahari’s Lasagne Pasolini – attract me just as much. As such, it should be no surprise that…

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Paperboy Kitchen

I miss lunch. When I was still at uni, I took for granted the privilege of being able to pop into the city between lectures (or heck, skipping lectures altogether) for a delectable lunch of whatever I happened to be feeling like on that day. Now that I’m working full-time however, my lunches are restricted to whatever I can be bothered to make, or disgusting and disgustingly overpriced food from the few cafes near work – $3.5 for a single over-salted rice paper roll, anyone? So what better way to spend my day off than to visit the new kid on the block – Paperboy Kitchen – for a nourishing Vietnamese meal?

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BrimCC Organic Soup and Japanese Cafe

It’s always good to have a backup plan, because when you go out to eat at three different restaurants a week, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually find yourself standing before dark windows and an unexpected ‘closed’ sign. Unfortunately we don’t practice what we preach, and were left out in the cold after trekking out to South Wharf to find our dining destination cruelly closed. After a lot of thinking, we decided to revisit an old favourite, BrimCC Organic Soup and Japanese Cafe.

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