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Takeaway Pizza

Out of all the restaurants I’ve left behind in Melbourne, one of the ones I miss the most is Dexter. I’ve never come across anything quite like it before, and I’m basically obsessed with their amazing take on American BBQ. So it would come as no surprise that on a recent weekend trip to Melbourne, I made a beeline for the Takeaway Pizza, the sophomore creation by the clever folks behind Dexter. Takeaway Pizza has been a long time coming, a journey not helped by the bunch of morons who gutted the kitchen of $50000 of new equipment late last year. But finally, the pizza oven was reinstalled, the ice machine replaced, and the restaurant opened after months of foodie…

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Has anyone ever heard of the podcast Stuff You Should Know? I stumbled upon it about 5 years ago, and have been an avid listener since. Well anyway, recently they did an episode on How BBQ Works, and although I had been planning to go to Dexter for a long time already, that was the nudge I needed to finally get me there. With that said though, Dexter is far from the usual American BBQ joint. In fact, their restaurant website actually specifically advertises themselves to be non-traditional. Certainly, the place is a far cry from the brooding, masculine spaces you often associate with a carnivorous meal. There were skylights and greenery aplenty, and was a perfect fit for an…

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Spiral Beans

I’ve heard it told that being a vegetarian in Japan is hard business, and being vegan almost impossible. As sad as that may be for some travellers, this lack of dietary flexibility is also fairly understandable. Given that Japan is comprised of thousands of mountainous islands, it is reasonable that the diet there comprises mostly of grains, meat, and seafood. In fact, one thing I noticed when I was over there was that on average, dishes with fresh veggies cost more than their meat-based counterpart! And just to top it all off, most meat-free dishes are also very likely to have some sort of seafood stock in it. In short, I hear that if you’re not at least a little…

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Pho Hung

I have a really awful habit. Because I live so far away from work, I usually have breakfast at about 6:30am in order to make it to work by 8:15am. Now in that 7 hour no-man’s land between breakfast and lunch, I tend to get really, really hungry. After all, working in a hospital usually means a whole lot of running around. A snack for those times is all well and good, except in reality, what ends up happening is that I start thinking about the pho I will be, or could be having for dinner. So by the time 5pm rolls around, I am practically frothing at the mouth for pho.

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Pho Hung Viet

It’s been a while. Although I love pho more than I love most people, the Australian summer isn’t exactly a time of year when I crave a steaming bowl of noodles. But thankfully the weather in Melbourne is as unreliable as ever, and a 20 degree day seemed like the perfect opportunity to fill the pho-void in my life. I’ll admit; I only ended up at Pho Huong Viet because the more popular Pho Hung down the road is closed for the holidays. I had worked myself up during the day with the promise of noodle soup, and it was a very long day. Still, Pho Huong Viet certainly doesn’t seem to be a second choice for the people dining…

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