Betty’s Classic ($10)


I’ve been a Melbournian for over half my life, but before moving to Victoria, I actually lived for almost 5 years in Toowoomba – an idyllic country town nestled in the Darling Downs, just over 100km inland from Brisbane. To be fair though, Toowoomba actually is a decently sized place by Australian standards; with a population of over 100 thousand, it is actually the 16th [...]
Juicy Lucy ($10)


You’re in for a treat today- another post by everyone’s favourite blogging sidekick, Chris! What’s the occasion this time? Well, read on and it’ll become pretty obvious! First things first: I can’t do a review of Burgerlove without first declaring how incredibly biased I am. To explain why, perhaps a little history lesson is necessary: You see, Burgerlove wasn’t always called Burgerlove. Back in ye [...]
Kickass Mac n’ Cheese ($18)


Remember the freakshake? That monstrous mash-up between beverage and dessert? It had a small heyday a year or two ago, but like all over-the-top fads, it didn’t last long. But now, Three One 2 One is bringing (sexy) freakshakes back (yeah!), along with a selection of extravagant burgers, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to check the spectacle out. Three One 2 [...]
The Quintessential ($22.5)


One thing that I’ve always thought was great about Asia is that good food is always a hop and a skip away. Yes Australia does have that culinary variety that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, but you’d better be ready for a 40 minute drive out to the ‘burbs. And let’s not even get into the whole wineries business. Take Dandenong Pavilion for example. [...]
Single Stack ($8.5)/Prince Harry ($11.5)


Regardless of how I feel about it, Chris is a bit of a burger connoisseur. After 2 years at his previous work serving a hard apprenticeship of Burger Fridays, he definitely knows a good burger from bad. And when his old boss toted Royal Stacks to be the best burger he's ever had, well, there was nothing for it really but to visit and try [...]
The Colonel ($10)


Grand Trailer Park Taverna has a new baby sibling. Motorhome Majestic may be located all the way out in Ascot Vale, but it could not be more apparent that the two restaurants are related. This restaurant is all about the open road. Hollowed-out RVs have been converted into bars and kitchens. It’s mostly standing room that encourages large crowds and mingling; what seating there is [...]