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Holiday Eats – New Zealand

After a hectic year of med school and the fervour that was final exams (which I passed by the way, so call me a second-year!), I was itching to get out onto my road trip holiday through New Zealand. And despite being told unanimously by everyone who has ever visited, I was still unprepared for just how stunningly beautiful of a country it was. We spent 13 days driving through the South Island – starting in Christchurch, across to the West Coast, then down to Queenstown and Fjordland, then finally back up to Christchurch via Mt Cook. And although I could talk for ever and ever about the scenery, my love for Lupin flowers, and just how unbelievably blue all…

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Cafe Cre Asion

Despite the horror that is the med school workload, I have managed to find occasional pockets of peace and relaxation. Every now and then, I’ll be blessed with a free Friday afternoon, during which I’ll allow myself a couple hours off for a nice meal, and maybe wander around the city for a bit of retail therapy. You know, for sanity purposes. One of the first places I hit up on a Friday was Café Cre Asion, one of Sydney’s all-time greats cafes – at least if Zomato is to be believed. Opened all the way back in 2011, Café Cre Asion has the honour of being Sydney’s first dedicated matcha café, back in a time where green tea was…

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Brick Lane

Now that I’ve finished with my Masters degree in clinical pharmacy, I’m free to be a lady of leisure until I start med school next year. And once I had realised that each semester in medical school is something like 17 weeks long (instead of the usual 13), I became extra intent on getting some hardcore relaxation in before I head off. Thus, Friday Dates (or FriDates) with K was born. You may remember Rustical Sourdough and their amazing baked goods from a few years ago, when I visited their flagship store in Fitzroy. Well the plan today is to check out their CBD outpost, Rustica. Or as they’ve recently rebranded themselves, Brick Lane, in order to differentiate between the…

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Lune Croissanterie

I have another foodie confession to make – I don’t like croissants. I mean, I don’t specifically dislike them, but if you stick a pastry crescent in front of me, I can take it or leave it. As far as I’m concerned, flaky and buttery alone are not enough to get me excited. Yet, I found myself crawling out of bed at 8am on my day off for the sole purpose of going halfway across town to Lune Croissanterie. Thankfully we are no longer in the days where you had to line up pre-dawn (and maybe cobble a few people with your elbows) in order to nab a croissant before they sell out.

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The Baker’s Wife

It had taken 3 painful (but also highly amusing) years, but my sister is finally able to be in Chris’ company without succumbing to spasms of giggles and embarrassment. This development makes me incredibly happy; aside from the obvious fact that I like it when two of my favourite people get along, it also means that I now have my very own squad to go out for brunch with. So last Sunday, I decided that we were going to go strut our stuff at The Baker’s Wife.

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Rustica Sourdough

The grass is always greener on the other side; case in point: whilst I’ve lamented my unemployment through a string of brunches, Chris is constantly complaining about the hotcakes that he’s not getting to have on account of work. But now that Chris is back at uni (and I’m still more or less unemployed), we finally have a chance to brunch together at Rustica Sourdough. Located right around the corner from brunch big shot Hammer and Tong, Rustica Sourdough lures passers-by in with its tantalising display of baked goods. But as most people quickly discover, not only is Rustica a bakery, but also a quaint little cafe. Decorated with bushels of wildflowers and grainy wooden furniture, it is indeed rather…

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