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Aqua S

When pictures like these show up in your sphere of awareness, there’s no choice but to stand up and pay attention. With their ethereal and endlessly instagrammable soft-serve sculptures, Aqua S has been a huge hit in Sydney for the best part of two years, and has now finally made the jump to QV, Melbourne. Aqua S may seem like an arbitrary and nonsensical name, but it makes perfect sense once you realise that their signature dessert is the sky-blue sea salt soft serve. Decorated in contrasting shades of sweet pastel, you can get your soft serve at Aqua S with everything from sweet egg rolls to an entire cloud of freshly spun fairy floss. And if sweet-and-salty isn’t your…

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Spring Street Grocer

Kathy is by far the most cheese-crazed person I know, and if I had realised how cheese-centric the European Cheese Lunch was going to be, I would’ve asked her to be my plus one. Here’s to beginning this post with an apology! Although most people are probably familiar with the artisan produce and gourmet gelato of Spring Street Grocer, I imagine not everyone knows about the cheese basement. Hidden amongst the tottering piles of groceries is a secret staircase, spiralling steeply into a cool room and an old-fashioned cellar.

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Remember when the only non-Asian restaurant in Glen Waverley was Mocha Jo’s? Well get this – now there’s a Mexican tapas restaurant, a steakhouse, and a burger-and-yoghurt bar. YOMG! #Puns #ImSickCutMeSomeSlack. I clearly haven’t been to Glen Waverley for a while, because when I rocked up a couple weeks ago for a lazy dinner, I found not one, but TWO new restaurants lining Kingsway. Because I didn’t have my camera with me however, I had to wait a bit before I could try those restaurants out. And because I was more in the mood for burgers and fro-yo, rather than burgers and souvlaki, YOMG it was.

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Max Brenner

Everyone knows about Max Brenner, but by the time I was old enough to be able to afford to eat there, the idea of having chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and a chocolate milkshake on the side had become unappealing, to say the least. Chris on the other hand insists that boys don’t grow up, but just grow bigger, and thus he was still extremely keen to give Max Brenner a go. And after literal years of wheedling on his part, I finally gave in.

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Hooked (Hawthorn) and Yo-Chi

Healthy fish and chips? Call me sceptical but keen. Sure fish is great for you, but so are vegetables until you make tempura out of them. But then again calories aren’t everything, and when the produce is sustainable and locally sourced, delivered fresh daily, and the food made with care – like at Hooked Healthy Seafood – maybe a wholesome fish and chip meal isn’t just a pipe dream after all.

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Laurie Dee’s

From what I’ve heard, being a pharmacist in America is a super lucrative job. I would be earning 6-figures right out of the gate, and given that I’m currently working for peanuts, that’s some pretty good incentive to pack up and move overseas. However, whilst I’m seriously considering going to England down the track, I would never, ever move to America for the following reasons: one, I’ll have to learn to drive on the right (aka wrong) side of the road; two, I’ll have to re-do my pharmacy degree on my own dime; and three: there will be places like Laurie Dee’s beckoning on every street corner.

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