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After my sensational meal at Miznon last week, I’ve been having ongoing cravings for Middle Eastern food. Unfortunately I also had self-imposed blogging obligations, so instead of just heading back to Miznon to have some more of their amazing pita pockets, I decided to check out Tahini, a self-titled Lebanese diner in the CBD that Chris’ co-workers frequent. As you’d expect of a lot of city eateries aimed at a quick turnaround for office workers, Tahini leans more towards the food court restaurant side of things. To get to it, you actually have go to into the building at 518 Little Bourke Street, and you’ll find it all the way at the back. Still, their menu seemed perfectly legit, featuring…

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As much as I love George Calombaris (at least up until the whole scandal with him underpaying his staff), I had to admit that celebrity chefs are not exactly my cup of tea. Although I’m sure it’s not always the case, often it feels as if the only chefs that end up as celebrities are the ones who spend more time selling their brand, rather than cooking. So you have to understand my mixture of apprehension when I first heard earlier this year that Miznon was going to make an appearance in our very own Hardware Lane.

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The Spot

After my dissatisfying brunch at The Glass Den last week, I saw an article on The Urban List for a relatively new and unassuming cafe nearby called The Spot. Craving an unpretentious, well-made meal after the over-decorated faff at The Glass Den, I decided to pop by The Spot for brunch after work the following Saturday. Bearded and smiling, Khalil Qubbaj made his entry into the Melbourne hospitality scene with this humble, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cafe. But there’s more to The Spot than what meets the eye. Look a little closer, and you’ll find a Middle-Eastern inspired brunch menu that draws its influence from the hours Khalil spent in his grandmother’s kitchen as a child.

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If you’ve been paying any attention at all to those entertainment websites (such as Broadsheet and Concrete Playground), you’ll have noticed that Melbourne’s picked up a new and rather exciting looking Middle Eastern restaurant and bar named Souk. No, Souk is not what you do when you’re told that there’s a 2 hour wait for a table at Chin Chin (though that’s certainly understandable). Rather, a souk is the name for a marketplace in Middle Eastern and North African cities. And that’s very apt, because this bazaar promises to serve up a fresh and modern take on traditional Middle Eastern, North African, and Anatolian cuisine.

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Here’s to the last blogged meal of 2016! I know this is a bit late (I do so like having a backlog to rely on), but once again, thank you again to all my readers. Whether you’ve stumbled upon this blog once and never looked at it again, or you’re one of my beloved regulars, I appreciate every single one of you. So I hope you’ve all had happy holidays, and all the best for 2017! Mankoushe has been on my to-visit list for quite some time, but it’s taken me a while to get around to, as they’re only open for 2 of the days which I work, and it’s too far to make a trip out to on…

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Very Good Falafel

Very Good Falafel opened on Sydney Road about 6 months ago, and it sells – you guessed it, falafel. But is there a market in Brunswick/Coburg for expensive (read: $12pp as opposed to $7pp) Middle Eastern vegetarian food? There sure is, and here’s why: If you go back to the beginning, Very Good Falafel actually had nothing to do with falafel at all. Instead, it started out as a dip stall at the local market in 2013, which became very popular, very quickly. The business partners (and bffs) Shuki and Louisa soon expanded their business into a falafel truck, which had the students lining up every time they rocked up at Melbourne Uni. Eventually the demand for a permanent store…

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