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Spiral Beans

I’ve heard it told that being a vegetarian in Japan is hard business, and being vegan almost impossible. As sad as that may be for some travellers, this lack of dietary flexibility is also fairly understandable. Given that Japan is comprised of thousands of mountainous islands, it is reasonable that the diet there comprises mostly of grains, meat, and seafood. In fact, one thing I noticed when I was over there was that on average, dishes with fresh veggies cost more than their meat-based counterpart! And just to top it all off, most meat-free dishes are also very likely to have some sort of seafood stock in it. In short, I hear that if you’re not at least a little…

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Yong Green Food

Yong Green Food, along with places like Vegie Bar and Lentil As Anything, are amongst the oldest, and most stalwart of vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. They were around back when it wasn’t yet fashionable to eat gluten-free and plant-based, and remain popular to this day. And with a rating of 4.3/5 on Zomato (beating out the amazing Smith and Daughters!), it was about time I went to see what the fuss was.

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I had never realised just how many vegetarian/vegan food blogs there were around Melbourne, until I looked up reviews for Supercharger. Personally I’m alright with vegetarian, but vegan food usually makes my canines cringe a little (with the exception of Smith and Daughters). But after going out for dinner 5 days in a row, Supercharger seemed like a much-needed detox. Although Supercharger is in a food court, like most of the eateries in Emporium, they are also a restaurant in their own right, and deserve a legitimate review. The premise behind Supercharger is simple – plant-based and nutrient-rich foods that are also ethically sourced.

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Serotonin Eatery

My sister and I have the worst luck when it comes to brunches. Out of about 5 attempts we’ve ever made to have brunch in our neck of the woods, about half of them have been thwarted by last minute closures. Today’s case was Trei Cafe – a hot new brunch place in Glen Waverley that just happened to be closed for electrical renovations on the day we visited. Unwilling to go back home to baked beans on toast, we made our way out to Serotonin Eatery in Richmond. Although located in a very non-descript section of suburban Richmond, this cafe has nevertheless made a huge splash in the Melbourne foodie community by promising food that raises levels of the…

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Shakahari Vegetarian

While Ming is slaving away at work like usual, I, Chris, have a convenient 3 weeks of holidays before starting a new job. Perfect time for a guest post if you ask me! I love lasagne. Ever since eating it at home as a child, I’ve always found myself irresistibly drawn to it any time I see it on a menu. It doesn’t even need to be a traditional Italian lasagne – so long as it has the trademark layers of pasta and cheese (or cheese substitute) with some kind of saucy goodness inside, I’m sold, so even vegetarian lasagnes – such as Shakahari’s Lasagne Pasolini – attract me just as much. As such, it should be no surprise that…

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Smith and Daughters

When offered vegan food, 9 times out of 10 my response would be to crinkle my nose and reach for the fried chicken. Although I like my veggies, and occasionally enjoy piling my plate with nothing but salad, I just can’t reconcile myself to the concept of an all-vegan diet. It’s not the lack of meat that bothers me (though that’s definitely part of it); it’s the fact that I feel like by cutting out all animal products, I am automatically shrinking my culinary world down to a bland, unimaginative pinpoint. And whilst I’ve enjoyed many meat-free meals, I’ve yet to find one that challenges my preconceived notions of what it’s like to be vegan.

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