Matcha Lava Lava ($14.8)


Me: a new restaurant just opened up in Emporium. Chris: oh? Me: well it does fancy Japanese food, and the menu looks nice, but also way expensive for what it is. Chris: well maybe we should try it, it could be good. Me: nope. It won’t be. We’re not going.
Anamiko Souvlaki ($30)


I love Greek food, but as it turns out, I’ve eaten a lot less Greek food than I thought. After picking up an unshakable hankering for some Mediterranean flavours, I looked through my blog, only to realise that I’ve been to a measly dozen or so Greek restaurants in all of my food blogging years. So I immediately set to remedy that, and my first [...]
Ricotta Hotcakes with Almond Cream, Berry Coulis, and Maple Syrup ($17.5)


Ever heard of the CCC Group? Oh yes you have. After all, they are responsible for about half a dozen cafes across Melbourne, including brunch big-names such as Addict Food and Coffee, and Prospect Espresso. But today, I’m here to check out their Hawthorn stalwart – Liar Liar. Liar Liar has been on my radar since the beginning of my blogging days, but there have [...]
Charcoal Octopus ($18.5)


If you’ve been paying any attention at all to those entertainment websites (such as Broadsheet and Concrete Playground), you’ll have noticed that Melbourne’s picked up a new and rather exciting looking Middle Eastern restaurant and bar named Souk. No, Souk is not what you do when you’re told that there’s a 2 hour wait for a table at Chin Chin (though that’s certainly understandable). Rather, [...]
Mini Sashimi ($12)


Alright, Take 2. As you may recall from our post on Wabi Sabi Salon, when Ming and I first made our way to Aka Siro, we were so disappointed to find that they were still closed for the holidays! So, once we were finally well and truly out of the holiday season, we made a return trip to Aka Siro a priority. Having shown up [...]
Chuleta de Cordero ($22)


Like Mexican food? Of course you do. In that case, allow me to introduce you to this new, sleek, and very sexy lady in Prahran – Queen of the South. Being a Mexican restaurant, the first thing you see in the restaurant is a spacious bar designed for partying down with those margaritas. But the day was warm, and the agua fresca of Homemade Grapefruit [...]