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Loluk Bistro

Can I get a hell yeah for all-you-can-eat mussels and fries? Because that’s exactly what we’re doing at Loluk Bistro today. I’m not usually huge on French cuisine, as I find it often not well-made enough to justify the high price tag. But at $29pp for all the mussels and fries my terrified stomach can handle, I was in. The premise is pretty straight-forward – make your booking online for a Thursday night, then rock up, pick the type of sauce you want your shellfish cooked in, and they’ll just keep offering you more until you cry uncle. Sounds pretty good hey?

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Little Lamb Hot Pot

Hi-diddly-ho neighbourinos, it’s that exam time of year and you know what that means- guest posts from Chris! Except now I have exams too so, here, have a hastily written post introduction. ‘Finally we can have hot pot!’ says Ming. ‘Haven’t we already had hot pot??’ I reply. It seems that amongst the jumble of Korean BBQs and stews we’ve had over the last few months, I’d forgotten precisely what hot pot is.

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China Bar Signature (CBD)

In a glut of gluttony like no other, Sophia, Bilge, Kathy, Sneha, Sarah, my sister and myself made our way to China Bar Signature in the CBD for their $33 Lunch Buffet ($29 Monday to Thursday). Standing proudly on the corner of Little Bourke Street and Exhibition Street, this newest member of the China Bar family had us all wondering how it compared to the one in Burwood.

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Lunch, Macarons, Cupcakes, and some Very Special People

In the last exam-free week until mid-June, I accompanied some very special uni friends to Gogi to celebrate the birthdays of Bilge and myself. Gogi is a small and serene Korean buffet located in the bustle of Chinatown. There’s a Korean BBQ option at night, but during the day, the restaurant is filled with people treating themselves to the $12 Lunch Buffet, which also comes with a free drink.

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China Bar Signature

I’ll probably be stripped of my foodie status for saying this but, I Love Buffets. To me, the sheer variety and quantity of food available excuses any corners cut in terms of quality (unless if you’re at Smorgy’s; nothing excuses food that bad). Because let’s face it – no one goes to buffets for fine dining; it’s the promise of All You Can Eat that’s luring all the people in.

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China Bar Shabu Shabu

All. You. Can. Eat. Those four magical words are enough to convince me to eat at almost any establishment under the sun. Not that I’ve done any formal research but, I’m pretty sure Asians are predisposed towards buffets. I know I certainly am. After countless promises to myself to never eat all I can eat again, I always inevitably find myself drawn to the unlimited gluttony at a fixed price.

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