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Hella Good

It may seem unbelievable, but despite living in Melbourne for all of my adult life, I’ve never had a souvlaki from Stalactites. Sure, I’ve eaten there enough times, but ordering a souva for a sit-down meal has always seemed silly to me, so I usually end up getting one of the platters instead. Plus, I got a little bit mad at them the last time I went and they took the change from my payment without asking, so I haven’t been back since. But when the Stalactites crew opened up Hella Good – a dedicated souvlaki shop – it seemed like time to bury the hatchet, and finally give the famous wrap a try.

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You’re in for a treat today- another post by everyone’s favourite blogging sidekick, Chris! What’s the occasion this time? Well, read on and it’ll become pretty obvious! First things first: I can’t do a review of Burgerlove without first declaring how incredibly biased I am. To explain why, perhaps a little history lesson is necessary: You see, Burgerlove wasn’t always called Burgerlove. Back in ye olde times of early 2015, when I was working in an office in South Melbourne, one of my coworkers happened to discover a tasty and very reasonably priced cafe nearby called Cafe 51. They had your standard cafe fare- coffees, sandwiches, and salads, but most importantly, they made a very, very mean burger.

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Three One 2 One

Remember the freakshake? That monstrous mash-up between beverage and dessert? It had a small heyday a year or two ago, but like all over-the-top fads, it didn’t last long. But now, Three One 2 One is bringing (sexy) freakshakes back (yeah!), along with a selection of extravagant burgers, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to check the spectacle out. Three One 2 One – named for the suburb’s postcode – used to be one of the millions of unremarkable cafes set along Bridge Road. Little did everyone know, changes were quietly happening beneath the surface. Krishna and the team spent over 6 months developing a line of unique and indulgent burgers, and next thing you know, Three…

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Tank Fish and Chips

Remember when getting fish and chips meant walking down the road to a slightly dingy, rundown shop to get some fish, potato cakes, dim sims and minimum chips in a sweaty paper package for the family? As much as I might harbour nostalgia for those childhood memories, you won’t catch me saying no to any of the newer, cleaner, and more stylish fish and chipperies that have been cropping up in recent years. One such recent entry is Tank Fish and Chips, having opened up shop in both Carlton on Lygon St and Emporium in the CBD. Keeping in with the modern sensibilities, the Carlton venue is a display of welcoming deep blues contrasting with the bright white sheen of…

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Empire Steak

Ever since I started following websites such as Broadsheet and Concrete Playground on Facebook, I’ve no longer had to search out the latest and greatest in restaurants – they now come to me in the form of clickbait-y titles on my timeline. And one of the openings in the last few weeks that excited me the most is Empire Steak, a CBD newcomer that aims to do one thing – steak sandwiches – and to do it well. Ever since stumbling across the blog Diner Porn (100% SFW as long as you follow this link as opposed to googling it) that documents the all-American cultural icon, I’ve nursed a soft spot for the vintage diner look. So it came as…

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Dandenong Pavilion

One thing that I’ve always thought was great about Asia is that good food is always a hop and a skip away. Yes Australia does have that culinary variety that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, but you’d better be ready for a 40 minute drive out to the ‘burbs. And let’s not even get into the whole wineries business. Take Dandenong Pavilion for example. Despite living in the outer-east myself, it was still a 25 minute drive to this restaurant 30km south-east of the CBD. Although Dandenong is hardly known for being fashionable, I was still surprised at how much ‘The Pav’ looked like an over-priced, run-of-the-mill family restaurant.

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