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United Kitchen Dining and Tapas

Opened in late 2015, United Kitchen Dining and Tapas is an almost brand new Latin American restaurant and cocktail bar located just minutes away from the central buzzing hub of St Kilda. In stark contrast to the terrible weather outside, United Kitchen was dark, warm, and welcoming on the evening we visited. Even more inviting was the prospect of Mexican and Spanish-influenced tapas, accompanied by a generous list of wines and cocktails. Although I couldn’t have alcohol because I was driving, the team were kind enough to mix up some custom-made mocktails for us. This concoction of berries and pineapple in a base of ginger beer was sparkling and tropical, without being cloying. It could definitely hold its own, even…

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Pablo Honey

It’s the end of a long week, and you know what calls for? Delicious tapas and cocktails at Pablo Honey. If we’re talking location, Pablo Honey has gotten the cream of the crop. Located across the intersection from Luna Park, any meal at this South American-influenced eatery is accompanied by the spectacular sight of The Esplanade lighting up as night falls. But that’s not to say there isn’t much to see in the restaurant; the decor here is one-of-a-kind. Cobbled together by The Cartel – aka what the 4 blokes running this place have dubbed themselves – in just a 4 week period, the restaurant features hypnotic tessellations of glittering skulls and hexagons at every turn. And the best bit?…

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La Tortilleria

One of my dearest wishes is to travel to Mexico, and eat 50c tacos out of a street-side stall. Chris is convinced that the moment we step foot off the plane, we will get entangled in a drug cartel and lose our lives, all for some tacos, which we can get in Melbourne anyway. And he’s not even the one who watches breaking bad. So whilst I’m still trying to convince Chris that Mexico is a perfectly safe place to go provided you have your wits about you, La Tortilleria seems to be as good of a place as any to quench my taco cravings. In fact, it may be better than good; their house-made tortillas are apparently so good…

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Jalisco Mexican

Prahran being what it is, there are always new restaurants popping up, day in and day out. The newest addition to the long strip of fashionable eateries is Jalisco Mexican, a colourful taqueria beaming out onto Chapel Street. Jalisco is festively and undeniably Mexican. The folk music blared, the tequila bottles glittered, and the interior was decorated with a jumble of quirky and unique trinkets. But it was the beer garden that really set this place apart. Set out in sandstone and desert plants, one side of the courtyard was dominated with a gorgeous graffiti mural. The seats were painted in bold colours, and the garden came alive with colourful lights as the sun went down.

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El Sabor

They say hindsight is 20:20, and it’s only now that I’ve gone back to working full time that I realise that I took my time off from employment for granted. Instead of lying at home like a sack of dog food when I’m not looking for work, I could’ve taken the time to really de-stress and enjoy myself. On the plus side though, post-work dinners have regained their shine, and it was with great anticipation that I stepped into El Sabor, a-hankerin’ for a good Mexican meal.

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Los Hermanos Mexican Taqueria

There’s nothing like a restaurant that makes a Monday feel like a Friday. It could be the crepe paper banners and candles burning in alcoves, or it could be the beer garden and music that makes you want to shake your hips (Mexican remix of Oasis, anybody?). No matter how you look at it, Los Hermanos Mexican Taqueria is a place for a party. Though I’m sure the range of bottles – some of them rather dubious-looking – get a few motors going, my attention is reserved exclusively for the small menu scrawled onto the blackboard covering an entire wall of the restaurant. Despite being a bar, there are also tacos aplenty for all involved – a sure sign that…

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