Sashimi of Kingfish


So guess what Melbourne’s come up with this time? A French-Indochine-inspired cafe and bar, located in a converted historical rifle club. Pretty quirky, hey? Sitting right by the train station, this old brick building scrubbed up real nice. Surrounded by parkland and palm trees, and complemented by the lush, leafy interior, Bang Bang RC felt like a desert oasis. With alumni from the likes of [...]
Marinated Oyster Blade


When I went to Korea mid-last year, I was pretty happy to discover that we’re not missing out on all that much in Melbourne. Mind you, my hairdresser – who is awesome by the way, and you can find him here – thinks that the food in Korea is way better. But unlike him, I do not have the good fortune of having grown up [...]
Grilled Black Cod ($28)


Call me Peanut Butter and Disappointed. I had attempted to visit Aka Siro just shy of 3 weeks into the new year, but after salivating over the prospect of delicious home-styled Japanese cooking for the entire day, I showed up only to realise that Aka Siro was still closed for the holidays! Luckily I was in the Collingwood/Fitzroy area, and within 5 minutes I had [...]
Roasted Bundarra Pork Shoulder ($35)


To date, my favourite place for brunch is probably Top Paddock (with special mention to Hammer and Tong). However, Top Paddock is by no means an only child; the same folks are also responsible for other brunch big-name such as The Kettle Black, Two Birds One Stone, and formerly Three Bags Full. Given that every single one of these cafes are popular in their own [...]
Suadero Taco ($5)/Green Chorizo Taco ($5)/Al Pastor Taco ($5)


Mamasita was the restaurant that introduced Melbourne to ‘real’ Mexican food. Although there are other authentic Mexican restaurants that have been around for longer, Mamasita was the one that really put Mexican on the map. But unlike other wildly successful restaurants, the people behind Mamasita didn’t immediately set about expanding their empire (I’m looking at you, Chin Chin!). But finally, almost a whole 7 years [...]
Roasted Jap Pumpkin ($12)


Here’s to the last blogged meal of 2016! I know this is a bit late (I do so like having a backlog to rely on), but once again, thank you again to all my readers. Whether you’ve stumbled upon this blog once and never looked at it again, or you’re one of my beloved regulars, I appreciate every single one of you. So I hope [...]