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Yeonga BBQ

When I went to Korea mid-last year, I was pretty happy to discover that we’re not missing out on all that much in Melbourne. Mind you, my hairdresser – who is awesome by the way, and you can find him here – thinks that the food in Korea is way better. But unlike him, I do not have the good fortune of having grown up with home-cooked Korean food. I will however agree with him that not only is the fried chicken in Korea way better than Melbourne, the KBBQ is also significantly more delicious.

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I have done something very uncharacteristic. In a combination of warm weather and serendipity, I went out and had vegan food not just once, but TWICE in a row. Mind you, I wouldn’t call Smith and Daughters ‘real’ vegan food on account of how outside of the box and non-vegan tasting it is, but still. By the end of the two meals however, I was seriously craving some animal-based protein. And no, low fat feta will not do. And what better way is there to satisfy the meat craving with some delicious Lebanese food? Meat grilled on a spit served with bread and fresh dip and salads is just what the pharmacist ordered. But Agraba is so much more than…

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El Sabor

They say hindsight is 20:20, and it’s only now that I’ve gone back to working full time that I realise that I took my time off from employment for granted. Instead of lying at home like a sack of dog food when I’m not looking for work, I could’ve taken the time to really de-stress and enjoy myself. On the plus side though, post-work dinners have regained their shine, and it was with great anticipation that I stepped into El Sabor, a-hankerin’ for a good Mexican meal.

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Maria’s Trattoria

As much as I hate paying for food that I can make myself, sometimes I want home-styled cooking and to be lazy. But whilst my end of town is good for dumplings and stir-fries, I’m not as fortunate when I’m craving pasta or curry. Those who live near Maria’s Trattoria however, are. Opened literally 30 years ago, Maria’s Trattoria is very much the quintessential family-run eatery. Its aged facade is very easy to overlook, but what caught my eye was the collage of faded Cheap Eats Awards pasted on the window. I doubt the restaurant itself has changed since the day it opened, and over the years it has become antiquated and tacky, but in a homely, well-loved way.

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Table by S

Table by S and I are star-crossed lovers. Though I’ve fallen for it from the moment Sam told me about it back in April, each and every time I have wanted to visit so far has fallen on a Monday. Guess which day of the week Table by S takes a break? The chemistry however, is undeniable, and I finally found myself with a hankerin’ for some Korean-Italian fusion tapas on a Friday.

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Miss Katie’s Crab Shack

I love food as much as the next person; maybe even a touch more, but I like to think that I’m not a food snob. After all, there is no reason a good baked potato (topped with cheese and scallions and crispy bacon bits and more cheese for good measure) can’t be as enjoyable as a fancy dinner for two. To be honest, I would much rather dig heartily into my meal than spend my time working out just which fork I am supposed to use.

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