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Spice I Am

Doctoring aside, one of the things that excited me the most about moving to Sydney was regular access to all the amazing Thai restaurants. Melbourne may be a culinary big-shot, but they never seem to get Thai food right, not in the way Sydney does. Even my local take-away in Sydney is as good, if not better than the top Thai places in Melbourne. And seeing as I haven’t been in Sydney long enough for the novelty of good Thai to wear off, I was rather excited about my visit to Spice I Am.

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For all the raving I’ve done about the food in Sydney, I haven’t forgotten about Melbourne. After all, who could forget the hipster cafes, hidden laneways, and excellent brunch on every other street corner? So it was with a mixture of nostalgia (already!) and curiosity that Chris and I visited Bills, one of the most-lauded brunch spots in Sydney, to see how it stacks up against home.

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MoVida Sydney

This is why I came to Sydney. Ok maybe Chris’s 21st and our anniversary and having some down-time together had something to do with it, but like any foodie, I travel to eat. And whilst I’ve had some great meals lined up, the one I was most excited for was MoVida Sydney, the newest member of the MoVida family by the Spanish genius, Frank Camorra. MoVida in Sydney is just like the MoVidas in Melbourne, yet not. The square bar and open-ish kitchen are still there, the dining room furnished with the same high tables and leather banquet chairs. The atmosphere however is much more one of fine dining, and significantly less exuberant than its Melbourne counterparts. The staff are…

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