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Mr Crackles

Let me put this down on record so Chris can’t weasel out of it down the track: he has promised to bring me an entire sheet of pork crackling at uni. And where exactly does one get an entire sheet of pork crackling? Mr Crackles of course, the place where the name really does say it all. Having long-since held cult status in Sydney (and probably Melbourne too before long – they’ve just expanded interstate), Mr Crackles is a takeaway shop along a main street specialising in sandwiches stuffed with crispy roast pork. The setup is very much grab and go – with just a couple of rows of fairly awkward bench seating lining the walls, eating in definitely not…

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Ribs and Burgers

Any excuse to eat burgers is a good one in my books. Ever since I started keeping a closer eye on my diet (now that I don’t live at home with MARM, I need to make sure that I’m not eating too much, but still eating enough!), I’ve found it harder and harder to justify a meal that can easily take up 70% of my daily calorie intake. But clearly I’m not that actually dedicated to this whole thing, because when I found myself with a voucher to try out the new wagyu burger range at Ribs and Burgers, I was all over that in an instant.

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Bovine and Swine

I make a massive effort to be healthy on a day to day basis. Although I’ll never say no to free cupcakes being handed out on campus, most of my meals are wholesome and balanced enough to make a nutritionist shed a tear. Part of that is because I’m learning of new ways to get sick every day at med school, but mainly I do it to offset the indulgent meals I eat on occasion. I absolutely love carbs, red meat, and saturated fats, and what’s the point of being a foodie at all if you can’t occasionally order the bone marrow mashed potatoes and meat donuts?

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Has anyone ever heard of the podcast Stuff You Should Know? I stumbled upon it about 5 years ago, and have been an avid listener since. Well anyway, recently they did an episode on How BBQ Works, and although I had been planning to go to Dexter for a long time already, that was the nudge I needed to finally get me there. With that said though, Dexter is far from the usual American BBQ joint. In fact, their restaurant website actually specifically advertises themselves to be non-traditional. Certainly, the place is a far cry from the brooding, masculine spaces you often associate with a carnivorous meal. There were skylights and greenery aplenty, and was a perfect fit for an…

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Yeonga BBQ

When I went to Korea mid-last year, I was pretty happy to discover that we’re not missing out on all that much in Melbourne. Mind you, my hairdresser – who is awesome by the way, and you can find him here – thinks that the food in Korea is way better. But unlike him, I do not have the good fortune of having grown up with home-cooked Korean food. I will however agree with him that not only is the fried chicken in Korea way better than Melbourne, the KBBQ is also significantly more delicious.

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Fancy Hank’s

Think you know Fancy Hank’s? Well think again! Almost overnight it seems, Fancy Hank’s has moved into new digs on Bourke Street, just 2 doors up from Grand Trailer Park Taverna. If you’ve been to the old Fancy Hank’s, then you’d know that Rustic Southern Bistro would be a kind description for the dive bar. The new eatery is much more impressive. Retaining the beautiful bones of the house with its intricately engraved cornices and old-fashioned chandeliers, this high-ceilinged room with its leather booths and marble bar polished to a high gleam, is reminiscent of a classy 1940s American bistro. The crowning achievement however would be the beautiful floor-to-ceiling bay windows, overlooking the leafy end of Bourke Street and the…

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