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Cheapie Lunch (Under $20)

RivaReno Gelato

There’s a pretty great story behind how I wound up at Rivareno Gelato. Three years ago when I was getting ready to move from Melbourne to Sydney, I decided to hit up my favourite denim store to stock up on jeans. And whilst waiting in line to get into said store, I got into a conversation with a lovely lass from Sydney. Of course, the topic of food came up, and because we were just down the road from Gelato Messina, talk quickly turned to desserts of the frozen variety. To my intense shock, my new friend confessed that she actually has a gelateria she loves even more than Messina, and that’s Rivareno. She then went on to describe some…

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VN City

One thing I missed the most (food-wise) during lockdown was a fresh, piping-hot bowl of pho. Sure I got plenty of Vietnamese takeaway whilst we were banned from going out, but pho is just one of those things that’s really not the same if you’re not there to eat it within seconds of it hitting your table. That’s why, within days of lockdown ending, I was at VN City, ready for my pho fix. In a suburb saturated with Korean food, VN City is one of the very few spots to get a Vietnamese feed. So it’s a relief that by all accounts, this place is a good one. They’re known for their signature crispy chicken, but you’ll find all…

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Lockdown Special no. 2 – Black Star Pastry

In the midst of lockdown, I finally closed the book on 4 years of medical school with a brutal slew of 5 exams over 5 days. Normally this would be a cause to celebrate with several fancy meals with several of my favourite people, but that was unfortunately unable to happen for obvious reasons. But you know what? Things weren’t actually all that bad. In addition to a whole bunch of self-indulgent online shopping, I was also sent piles of goodies from my nearest and dearest, including the All Star Tasting Box ($55) from my family, consisting of the 6 best-selling cakes from the famous Black Star Pastry. They sure know the way to my heart.

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Jasmin1 Auburn

Over the last few years, Lebanese food has really made its way into my list of favourite comfort eats. The ubiquitousness of it in Sydney, combined with the overall quality of the food, has really cemented my love for falafel and garlic sauce (I was always a fan of grilled meats, so no credit for that one). And one of the oldest, as well as most popular places to get Lebanese food in Sydney would be Jasmin1, which has stood on the corner opposite Auburn station for more than 30 years.

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The Tea Cosy

Who doesn’t like high tea? Seriously, is there anything better than spending your afternoon drinking tea over cakes and pastries served on pretty plates, ideally whilst wearing something floral and floaty? But despite the myriad of high-end and extremely fancy places dotted around town, sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned afternoon tea of scones and sandwiches. That’s where The Tea Cosy comes in. The Tea Cosy is located in a very tourist-heavy area in The Rocks, just adjacent to the harbour. Utilising the space adjacent to their building, they’ve set up a lovely garden-styled outdoor area. Combined with the ample number of crocheted throws draped over the chairs, as well as the colourful tea cosies adorning each table (go…

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RaRa Chan

I’ve made it no secret that RaRa is my favourite place in Sydney for ramen. And if you’re vegetarian or vegan, their sister restaurant Lonely Mouth is also remarkably good. But there’s one thing the ramen gods of Sydney have yet to bless me with, and that is tsukemen, a dry-styled ramen that’s eaten dipped into a concentrated broth. Sort of like soba but warm and way, way better. But with the people behind RaRa being so great and all, I wasn’t wholly surprised when they announced RaRa Chan, a new outpost in Everleigh specialising in tsukemen.

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